• Creating happy endings-because life doesn't guarantee them...

    Nathan Kingsly is a new romance author whose debut novel won the most anticipated read of 2021 from The Redheads Book Blog.

    He is ever the gentleman with the predilection for watching SiFi, getting hooked on one song at a time, and sitting on his porch drinking coffee with a good book.



    There’s a reason they name storms after people.

    Liam’s sister calls, begging him to come home. He hasn’t been home in six years, but with things starting to unravel, he feels he has no choice but to face his demons.

    Missing his connecting flight, a hurricane raging, and the hotels full, he’s stuck at the airport. Taking a woman’s offer to share a hotel room is the least of his problems, or so he thinks. Sometimes, the right person shows up, only to leave.

    Liam never understood the thrill of chasing storms, until he found one in Emma. Despite him wanting to go after her, the only way to save his future is to fix his past. Will he catch up to her before his past does?


    RELEASE DATE - JAN 25TH, 2022


    Get your knees in the breeze and ride along with the Merciless Few MC!
    One Club. Twelve Chapters.
    Give no quarter.
    Show no mercy.
    We are the Merciless Few MC, an outlaw club hell-bent on saving those good souls tormented and abused using any means necessary. When you ride with the men of the Merciless Few, loyalty and respect are earned. But will love open their hearts or break them? Join our chapters as we take you on a thrill ride you’ll never forget.
    Twelve talented authors have joined together to write their own unique stories about a brotherhood of alpha bad boy bikers! All proceeds from this anthology are going to Bikers Against Child Abuse/B.A.C.A


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